Here's the Real Deal

One of the most overused and abused words in all languages of the world is the word love. Everyone says it, but not very often do we see it in action. The old saying that “talk is cheap” really does apply when looking for genuine love. Quite frankly, it is very disheartening. 
Our number one mission at Beacon of Hope Ministries is to love people like Christ loves people. We strive to accomplish that every time we meet someone. We are odd in terms of our goal as a church assembly because our goal IS NOT to grow a church in terms of a “number”. Our goal is to love people even if they never come through the doors of our church building. Now, don’t get us wrong…we would love to have the whole world call us their home church, but that’s not our goal. We don’t know where God wants people to attend church. All we know is that God places certain people in our lives for us to love and help. God didn’t intend for us to work to win them to “a church”, but God did instruct us to compel them to a relationship with Him so they can become part of THE Church...a worldwide and eternal body of believers.
Not a person in our assembly has ever saved a soul. We simply do not have that power. The only ability we have is to introduce people to Jesus…the One that can save souls, heal messed up lives, and bring purpose to a life that has none. This is what we desire to do. 
If you're looking for a break from religion and would gladly trade it in for a relationship with God and, hopefully, us then please understand that we are with you in that thinking. We are not here to make you fit into some cookie-cutter image of what people think a “perfect” Christian looks like. Frankly, we are a bunch of failures that simply understand that God is worth getting up from our falls, while allowing Him to kiss our boo-boos, and walking with Him in the good, the bad, and mediocre times of this thing we call life. 
So, if any of this sounds like something that resonates with something inside of you, then understand that there is a people at Beacon of Hope Ministries that would so love and enjoy getting to know the real you. The good stuff, the bad stuff, and the ugly stuff, because we all have it and there’s no sense in kidding ourselves or denying it. The beautiful thing is you are not alone here or in the hereafter. Jesus has got you if you let Him.