We keep it simple. Just come as you are. 

Some people believe that you need to wear a suit and dress to church. If that’s you…then wear it. Some people are blue jeans people. If that’s you…then wear it. WARNING! Don’t be shocked if the Pastor falls into the blue jean category. We don’t conduct fashion shows when we come together. You come as you are and we will love you as you are. 
Now, we like to eat and talk so come hungry and, once you get to know us and feel comfortable, be ready to jump into a conversation or two during our food and fellowship on Sunday mornings and Wednesday night services. This is an informal social gathering often full of laughs. Just check the Home Page for times. 
As much as we like to eat and laugh, we also understand that we are on a mission to become what God wants us to be. On Sundays before fellowship we have a time of non-mandatory prayer in our multi-purpose room (also the Cry Room for children during church). On Sunday mornings, after fellowship, we have a time of worship and praise to God. We are music people and love to sing and play our instruments to the Lord. After worship we dismiss our children for a time of teaching at a level that is conducive to their ages, while the adults remain in the main building for teaching or preaching from the Pastor, church ministers, or guest speakers. 
On Wednesday nights, of course after the food and fellowship, we have an open forum Bible Study. This is a time where everyone that wants to can provide input, insight, or ask questions on the topic being discussed. This is where iron sharpens iron and can provide some truly awesome and awe-inspiring discussion based around the Bible and how it looks or should look in real life practice. It is amazing to see how God opens up His Word to His people. So cool! 
Finally, we attempt to have all sorts of other events that are designed for us to come together and bond as God would want us too. Don’t be surprised if the ladies get together for a Christian movie night or the guys get together for some macho guy stuff. A gun range has been known to happen or maybe just coming together at a local restaurant. We also make time for our couples by venturing out for a fun night on the town. Nothing wild, after all, WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?). Finally, our children, pre-teens, and teens haven’t quite bowled a 300 yet, but maybe one day. We soon hope to be able to take them on some road trips to see some sites or have fun at an amusement park or a life changing spiritual moment at a Christ-centered conference/convention.     
On top of all this, we strive to be active in our community in the form of partnering with others or establishing some homegrown efforts to introduce ourselves to the people we live with in the community. So often churches get trapped within the four walls of their church buildings and forget about the world of hurting people outside their doors. This thinking usually translates into a “my four and no more” mentality. That’s not what God wants. We want to be a church that is willing and anxious to reach out in both orthodox and unorthodox ways, of course, as the Lord leads. 
So this is us! If any of this sounds intriguing to you, then stop by and try it out for yourself. We’d love to have you!